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The history of Wuhan University International Law is of long standing and well established as a stream runs. Many famous Chinese Jurists in international law have direct connections with Wuhan University and its subject.


After the World War II, Mei Ruao, who attended Tokyo Trail as the representative judge of China, was once the Director of Law Department in Wuhan University.


Zhou Gengsheng, the grandmaster in international law, had served as the President of Wuhan University.


There were many deceased Chinese judges in international courts who had taught in Wuhan University, including Mei Ruao- the Judge in International Military Tribunal for the Far East, Wang Shijie- the Arbitrator in International Permanent Court of Arbitration in Hague, Li Haopei- the Judge in the UN International Criminal and International tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Zhao Lihai- the Judge in International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea and Wang Tieya- the Judge in the UN International Criminal tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.


Han Depei, the deceased grandmaster in international private law, and Yao Meizhen, the pioneer and founder of international economic law in China, had always been working in Wuhan University Institute of International Law during their lifetime.


Their academic excellence in international law laid monumental foundations for Institute of International Law. After the establishment of People’s Republic of China, they played a significant role in many major events and foreign cases concerning international relations, through which they defended the national dignity and avoided heavy losses for the country.