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Talents Program

There are 26 full-time researchers, 32 part-time researchers, and 36 Chinese and foreign part-time think tank experts in the International Law Institute, of which 85% are professors. The current director is Professor Xiao Yongping, a “Changjiang Scholar” of the Ministry of Education. Among the full-time staff, there are 1 member of National “Thousand Talents Program”, 2 members of “National Top Ten Outstanding Young and Middle-aged Jurists”, 2 Distinguished Professors of Changjiang Scholars, 1 Young Changjiang Scholar, 1 Fellow of Institut de Droit International (The Hague), 1 member of the national new century talent project, 8 members of the Ministry of Education cross-century talents and new century excellent talent supporting plan, 1 member of the “Ten Thousand Talents Program” in philosophy and social science, and 1 chief expert in Marxism theoretical research and construction program. Among the part-time staff, four were elected as judges of the International Court of Justice, three were elected as a Fellow of Institut de Droit International, and one was elected as a member of the International Law Commission. Xue Yuqin (current judge of the International Court of Justice), Gao Zhiguo (current judge of the United Nations International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea), Huang Huikang (current Chinese ambassador to Malaysia, member of the United Nations International Law Commission) are all adjunct professors of Institute of International Law.