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Professor Xiao Yongping gave lectures to 2018 doctoral students in think tank
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As autumn blossoms in the ancient capital, Wuhan university continues its excellence.On September 15-16, the national high-end think tank Wuhan University International Law Institute, the first think tank doctors in Beijing officially started the course,and the director of our institute Xiao Yongping the lecture in person. After introducing the purpose and basic requirements of the doctoral orientation of the think tank, Mr. Xiao spent two days leading 10 doctors and several admirers to review the development of China's international law, international private law and international economic law in the past 40 years. The high-rise building and the in-depth teaching made the students immersed in it and enjoyed themselves. Until Sunday afternoon, when Mr. Xiao introduced the specification of thesis writing, everyone returned to reality from history and deeply felt the sense of respect and mission to the international law disciplines of Wuhan University and Wuhan University.