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Vice President Huang Yi of China Construction Bank visited the Institute of International Law of Wuhan University
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On the morning of July 26, Huang Yi, Vice President of China Construction Bank and Dean of the Institute, accompanied by Xu Yi, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Wuhan University Education Development Foundation, visited our office. Accompanied by Wu Jianhang, general manager of CCB' s strategic planning department, Lin Xiaodong, general manager of the legal affairs department, Xu Yunqing, general manager of the party group work department, Wu Di, president of the office of the president, and An Jun and Fang Lei, research fellows of Research Institute of the China Construction Bank .


Professor Xiao Yongping, the director and executive director of the Institute of International Law of Wuhan University, met with the guests and held a discussion. Deputy Director Zhang Hui and Feng Jiehan, Director of the International Economic Law Teaching and Research Office, Qiu Tong, and Director of the International Private Law Department, Qiao Xiongbing, attended the meeting.


The forum was hosted by Dr. Deng Zhaohui, Executive Deputy Director of the Institute of International Law. Professor Xiao Yongping first expressed warm welcome to Vice President Huang Yi and his delegation, and made a brief introduction about the basic situation and historical evolution of the Institute of International Law of Wuhan University, the academic research, talent training, foreign exchange, think tank construction and results of the national high-end think tank. Vice President Huang Yi spoke highly of the achievements of the high-end think tank of the Institute of International Law and introduced the basic situation of the Research Institute of China Construction Bank.


Participants exchanged ideas and discussed on the current situation and problems of the current international trading system and future opportunities and challenges in the context of Sino-US trade war, the current status and problems of China's intellectual property assets and protection, how to promote innovation and power by intellectual property strategies in financial and industrial aspects in the new era.


The two sides reached preliminary cooperation intentions in academic research and think tank construction.